Purple Orange Jute Burlap Pouch

Purple Orange Jute Burlap Pouch

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These burlap bags have a finished look and are available in a selection of colors. The bags close with a fabric pull cord. This material is stretchy and the bags are handmade, the size may vary up to 1/4" larger or smaller than stated. 

Jute Burlap Pouch

Size approx 3"x5"

Note: All Jute Burlap material has a strong aroma when produced, therefore these bags will come with a particular aroma. However, when the bags are removed from their air-tight plastic package they will eventually air out and the aroma will dissipate. The aroma on the Colored Bags is greatly reduced due to the color-dye process.

 *due to the dye process colors may appear different on screen and in person as well as bag to bag*

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